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Why Choose ProClinix?

We take the time to understand your needs and work towards meeting those timelines.


Dedicated Staff

PM assigned to you to work with you on issues and processes throughout the time of the study.


Experienced in Procurement/ Shipping

We have over 20+ years of experience in working with vendors to establish a seamless procurement and shipping process.


Cost & Time Efficient

We have are comfortable working with strict and tight timelines while offering you affordable options within your study budget.


Clinical Trial Support

Patient Recruitment

Proper patient education and informed consent leads to better trial outcomes. Our team is highly experienced in creating patient recruitment materials that incorporate patient diversity and simplified language.

Patient Retention Items

We understand the importance of showing our patients appreciation for their time and commitment to the trial. We have worked with several trials developing patient retention and appreciation programs.

Clinical Trial Site Materials

We help support the hardworking clinical trial sites by developing and shipping site materials that will aid with their success trial recruitment and execution. Our developed site materials enable sites to easily access important information broken down and derived from the study protocol.

Our Experience

We have worked with a wide range of study indications.

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We look forward to working with you team!

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