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Clinical Trial Support

Clinical Trial Support

We strive to help make your clinical trial a success. We can provide exceptional support in many ways including but not limited to the following:

Patient Recruitment

We work with the top research-experienced designers and content writers in the process of developing recruitment materials. Our designers work to ensure that our materials represent patient diversity and include simplified language.

Brochure Peds Eczema Study

Flyer OA Study

Flyer Peds Allergy Study

Poster Depression Study

Social Media Ad

Poster RA

Patient Retention Programs

Proforma ProClinix’s online patient retention program is a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance the participant’s engagement and loyalty. Our platform empowers participants to effortlessly redeem their redemption code, select a retention item from a diverse range of options, and have it swiftly delivered to their doorstep, anywhere worldwide. Additionally, we provide the option for bulk shipments directly to site locations if preferred.

Clinical Trial Site Materials

We help support clinical trial sites by creating trial resources that will help them recruit and retain patients for trials. Our top priority is to develop materials that help patients better understand the clinical trial and the ways in which it can benefit them.v

Study Roadmap Outline

Study Activity Book

Oncology Study Visit Guide

Chart Review Card

ICF Flip chart Peds Study

Flip Chart Pro Clinix Web

Do you have clinical trial needs not directly mentioned above? Contact us to see if we can help create a customized solution for you.