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ProClinix connects you with our team of custom designers, printers and fullfillment services, who will take your study materials and patient retention gifts from conception to worldwide delivery. 


Patients need to be fully informed on the study to remain engaged and make the correct choices for themselves and their loved ones. Therefore, they deserve a clear understanding of the study drug, the possibility of a placebo, and an outline of adverse effects, potential benefits, the length of the study and the number of required visits. All recruitment and retention materials must be detailed, yet easy to read. Patients must understand that the purpose of the study is to gather information for future patients and that the study cannot guarantee a therapeutic benefit for them.


Retaining study patients is important and best accomplished by demonstrating appreciation and recognition for their contribution to the study.  Branded patient retention items do not need to cost a fortune. They can be as simple as a Thank You Card, a Tissue Pack, or a Ballpoint Pen. Another tactic for retention is to supply caregiver appreciation items, as caregivers often play an important part in helping the patient through the study process. Motivating patients and caregivers is a great way to retain them, and is a key factor in the success of your clinical trial.

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